Cedar Roof Shaking

Cedar Shake Roofing

Depending on the design you select, cedar roofing may give your property a rustic or elegant appearance. Browns, golds, ambers, and reds are some of its natural colorations, which warm up and beautify any home, classic or contemporary. You’ll notice that they eventually turn a distinctive silvery grey tint.

Pros Of
Ceedar Roofing:

  • Naturally lovely
  • Up to 10 years longer lifespan than asphalt
  • Able to endure strong winds
  • Both naturally insulating and energy-efficient
  • Durable - one of the hardest woods is cedar

Cons Of
Ceedar Roofing:

  • More costly than other alternatives
  • Need constant upkeep to keep moss, mould, and mildew at bay

Our Wood/Cedar Roofing Comes With A 10-year Workmanship Warranty

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They replace my entire roof and were entirely happy with the entire process. Judd was great, pleasant, and proactive. They did a great job protecting my deck during the job and did a great job cleaning up afterward. I will certainly use them!

I had my roof replaced with SBG home exteriors and I couldn’t have been happier to decide to go with them for my home project. I didn’t even know the extent of damage I had on my roof until I was approached by them and got a free inspection done. The team was very straight forward and very responsive to all my concerns.

This was first-class customer service and experience.

Hard workers start to finish, and a beautiful outcome."

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Even while cedar has some inherent resistance to unwanted visitors, frequent washing and cleaning will make sure that moss, mould, and mildew do not establish a foothold on your roof. During cleanings, it’s a good idea to visually check the roof to make sure no dirt is accumulating on top of it. Let Insured Roofs Services handle the dirty labour for you as we provide non-toxic roof cleaning!

Because cedar has a low density, it can withstand changes in temperature and humidity without losing its form or structure. This aids in its stability during times of heavy rain, extreme heat or cold, and strong winds.

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