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We’re Committed To Providing The Best Roofing Services!

Insured Roofs is a leading storm restoration and solar company servicing the entire DC, Maryland & Virginia area. We provide 24 hour emergency tarp service as well as storm damage assessment. We service the entire DMV and we provide 24-hour emergency services and consultations.

At Insured Roofs, all of our exterior damage claim professionals have years of training and experience needed to tackle any kind of exterior damage caused to your property. We are licensed and insured to perform work to your property.

Whether the damage is caused by hail, wind, rain, fire, or ice and affects your roof, siding, windows or doors, Insured Roofs’ team can restore and repair the damages back to “pre-loss” condition. No job is too simple or complex for us!

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We Provide The Best Quality Roofing Services

Insured Roofs is a storm restoration and solar company with branches in Stafford and Arlington, VA that specializes in inspecting and accessing damage, helping clients through the insurance claims process, and then ultimately fixing and replacing damaged items.

Insured Roofs also specializes in clean energy in the form of solar.




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Insurance Process

We Perform a Damage Assessment of Your Property

When a big storm comes through and tears off siding, or a tree has crashed through your roof leaving an eye sore of a hole, you need a company that will have your back and represent you the entire step of the way. We will help get things in order as quickly as possible with our emergency service response team! We provide years of experience in repairing, replacing, and restoring roofs, windows, siding, doors and other property that have been affected by terrible weather or caused by accident. NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) recommends homeowners or building managers inspect their roof systems at least twice per year, preferably in the spring and fall. Additional inspections are suggested after any severe weather events, such as a hurricanes, tornadoes or hailstorms.

Insured Roofs will perform your assessment for free and provide you with a full detailed report on the health and condition of your roofs, windows, siding, doors or any of your property affected by damage. This inspection will include no-obligation photos and recommendations.


We Handle Your Insurance Claim

Insured Roofs provides 24 Hour Emergency Response to any damages caused to your property by wind, hail, fire or water that warrants immediate attention. We also help handle your claim process from start to finish using several advanced methods, resources and technology. We will walk you through the entire insurance claims process. Lots of homes have wind or hail related damage relating to storms and most homeowners are not even aware of the fact that these damages can be claimed through the insurance company a lot of the time without increasing your insurance premium and ultimately getting the insurance company to pay for damages to your property. The insurance process includes helping you by:

1. Responding to any emergency repairs needed to your property.

2. Contacting your insurance company.

3. Helping you file your claim and schedule damage evaluation with the insurance company.

4. Representing you and helping you work with the insurance company through the insurance adjuster to ultimately increase your approval chances on the claim.

Once we show up to your property if necessary we will work fast to help secure your property from further damage by temporarily securing damages to your home. We will also employ the use of drones when necessary as well as thermal imaging technology. This allows for an exact assessment of damages and facilitates a proper understanding of said damages. We then use these reports and photos as evidence to provide on your behalf to the insurance company in working towards your approval so you can focus on your day to day with no worries!

Best part is that you get work done to your property, for little to nothing out of pocket!


We help secure your approval and complete work to your property

With Insured Roofs you can expect that throughout your approval process all the way to installation that we’re providing:

    • High Quality Roofing Materials
    • Licensed Professionals
    • Availability of Finance Options
    • Insurance Claims Specialists
    • Industry Backed Warranties on material, labor and workmanship

Expect superior quality work start to finish once your job is approved! The average install takes between one and two days and is generally scheduled shortly after approval, weather permitting. From traditional asphalt roofs to real slate roofs, Insured Roofs has been ranked year after year as the best roofing company in the DMV area. Our services range from Roofing Services, Roofing Restoration, and Residential and Commercial Construction.

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Our Roofing and vinyl installation is backed by a 10-year worksmanship warranty

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