Insured Roofs’ Storm Restoration Process

April 27, 2024

Insured Roofs’ Storm Restoration Process

Hey guys! Judd Addy with Insured Roofs. Today we’re going to be going over the three-step Storm Restoration process. The first step is assessing damages to the property. Our team at Insured Roofs will help get things in order as quickly as possible with our Emergency Service Response Team. Insured Roots will perform a free assessment and provides you with a full detailed report on the health and condition of your roof’s siding, doors or any property affected by the damage. This inspection will include no obligation of photos and recommendations on the next steps in the process step. 

Two: We handle the technical aspects of your insurance claim. Once we show up to your property if necessary we will work fast to help you secure your property for further damages. We also deploy the use of drones when necessary. This allows for an exact assessment of damages. We then use these reports and photos as evidence to provide on your behalf to the insurance company and working towards getting your damages resolved so you can focus on your day with no worries.

Step Three: We complete work to your property according to the final insurance approval of damages. The goal is to have all damages properly accounted for. With Insured Roofs you can expect that throughout your insurance process all the way to installation, that we’re providing high quality roofing materials, licensed professionals, the necessary support to demonstrate the proper resolution of your damages, and industry-backed warranties on material, labor, and workmanship. Expect superior quality work from start to finish. Once your claim is approved the average install takes between one and two days and is generally scheduled shortly after approval. The best part is you get work done to your property with very little out of pocket. 

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