Top Signs of Storm Damage To Your Roof

September 26, 2022

After a severe weather event, a roof inspection should be among the first things a homeowner does. There may be no apparent signs of water damage within the property, yet the roof may still be at risk.

We advise householders to avoid the temptation to go up on the roof at all costs. Damage to a shelter is best evaluated from the ground. Try a pair of binoculars first if you need better visibility before committing to a ladder.

In most cases, rain alone won’t be enough to compromise a roof’s integrity. But, when you include wind, falling trees, and hail, roofs may take quite a beating.

Occasionally, the damage to a roof will be readily apparent. While doing so, you should look carefully and slowly at the whole picture. It may be difficult to recognize specific symptoms. Here are the most obvious warning signs of storm damage to your roof.


⦁ Missing Shingles

Missing shingles are a common sign of roof storm damage. A lack of shingles is probably the result of wind damage or a fall of debris. Winds over 50 miles per hour frequently tear off asphalt shingles. This makes them especially susceptible to damage during tornadoes and other events with solid winds.
Take into account that a missing shingle is more than simply an eyesore. Water may seep through the space where a missing shingle once was. The water damage from this leak could cost you thousands of dollars and force you to relocate for a few weeks. You should contact a roofing provider as soon as you discover a missing shingle. They will repair your roof by replacing any damaged or missing shingles.

⦁ Ceiling Water Spots

Water stains on the ceiling indicate that the storm has damaged your roof. These are wet circles that gradually weaken the drywall. The water that drips from the roof is the reason they can be found. Water stains on the ceiling are an unfortunate sign of property damage. There’s a chance that your electrical system is broken. But if you take care of this issue quickly, you may be able to limit the amount of harm done. So, contact your neighborhood roofer as soon as you see a water stain. They will examine the roof, find the source of the leak, and fix it.
If the leak has compromised the house’s structural elements, you’ll probably need to hire a home renovation company to do the necessary repairs. The significance of a roof over your head will become abundantly clear after reading this.

⦁ Debris in Your Yard

Things are normal to be flung around during storms with strong winds. These objects can cause injuries if they hit the roof. This is why inspecting your property after a storm is essential to see if any debris has been tossed onto it. Keep a watch out for debris, as it’s possible that trees, patio sets, and other items hit your roof before crashing to the ground.
The presence of debris is not, of course, proof that your roof was damaged. But remember that roof damage can exist if you observe waste.

⦁ Lost Granules

The rough outside of the roofing shingle is made up of granules. They prevent the house below from overheating by reflecting the sun. Strong winds and rain can tear off granules on asphalt shingles. This results in a more polished and sleek appearance for the shingles. They lose a lot of their resistance to sunshine, which is unfortunate.
Calling a roofing contractor is a good idea if you notice shiny or smooth shingles on your rooftop after a storm. After inspecting your roof, they will replace damaged metal shingles and check your insulation levels. In the long run, this will reduce your energy expenditures.

⦁ Indentations

If there are indentations inside the shingles or flashing of your roofing, this is another indication that the storm may have damaged the roof. This happens rather frequently when hail storms occur.
Even though indentations aren’t always a signal that something needs to be repaired or replaced, they signify that a more profound look should be done. There is a possibility that the hail damaged parts of the shingles or the flashing, leaving areas of your roof susceptible to harm from the outside environment.
If certain roof parts are visible, you will need to have new shingles installed over them. If you do not cover them, there is a possibility that water damage will occur in the


⦁ Cracked Shingles

When debris is hurled at or falls upon a roof, it is almost certain to inflict damage. In other instances, this damage will only be visible on the surface. In other circumstances, on the other hand, the damage will be severe and affect the way the roof functions.
A fractured shingle is probably the clearest indication of this fact. If a shingle is struck by a falling limb or a piece of garbage that has been hurled, there is a good possibility that it will develop fractures.
Unfortunately, as soon as a fracture appears in a shingle, that shingle is no longer able to perform the function for which it was designed. It cannot offer the required amount of insulation and cannot stop the flow of water from outside. Because of this, it needs to be replaced.
Fortunately, a fractured shingle can be easily replaced with a new one. Your neighborhood roofing business should be able to finish the job for you.

⦁ Broken or clogged Downspouts or Gutters

Cleaning away gutters that have become clogged as quickly as possible after a storm is essential. Broken gutters allow water to flow right into the foundation of the structure below them. This has the potential to erode the foundation over time, which will render the structure hazardous. Conduct a thorough inspection of every gutter and downspout to look for dislocation and bending.
Do You Require Assistance in Repairing the Storm Damage to Your Roof?
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